Like many women, my quest for kissing of the truly romantic kind has been a tad challenging at times. Despite a spirit that's always been ready, willing and able, my fulfillment has swung like a pendulum from feast to famine.

One time in particular, there'd been this pause where getting lip-to-lip with someone sweet was so long, I could have bunked with Maria von Trapp in the Abbey before she hooked-up with that sexy Captain with the whistle! Then one night, in a totally random intersection, some completely unexpected, and utterly kiss-a-luscious kissing pulled back the dusty shades, and let the sun shine and bells ring again.

It also led to some deep cosmic reflections on the wherefores and whys of kissing, the discussion of which left both my girlfriends and guy friends intrigued and titillated. Tickled by their enthusiasm, I turned a comically self-indulgent analysis of my kissing adventures into something for all to enjoy and ponder.

But there's more to Kissing than finding a prince and driving away like Barbie in a pink convertible to a Malibu dream house. The book hopes to spread a little love with a little kiss in a world that needs a little TLK (tender loving kissing).

So please take a moment to remember all those special kisses. And in the words of the Kissing credo:

Kiss with enthusiasm and respect.
Kiss with abandon and no regret.
Kiss knowing each one counts towards something.
And forever be in quest of kissing.