"The evening started to wind down. I offered to share a cab. When he got out, I did too. I lived no where near. But knew it was now or never. Summoning some bravado, I asked – "How 'bout a drink?" We moved from bistro to bistro, sipping wine and sensing that palpable crescendo of chemistry and synchronicity. Somewhere in between deep personal questions like "have you ever had a broken heart?", the kissing began. It was kissing of the highest order. And a flat-lined libido was suddenly shocked back into healthy rhythm."

"Kissing. Like the tango, it takes two. But does a boy want the same things from "tangoing" that we do? Does "tangoing" have the same effect on his head? His heart? Is it about the love for him? The romance? Or the sex thing? Or is it some combination of these in slightly different proportions to our own desires?"

"We all have fantasies of being ravished by some hunky hottie, real or make-believe. When the women who took the Kissing survey were asked who they'd want to be stranded with on a desert island (which of course has a day spa to keep them looking fresh and lovely at all times), they revealed they'd be happy to roll in the warm tropical waters with…"

"At times, kissing is like sipping a tasty, warm cup of cocoa with teeny floating marshmallows and whipped cream. Lying on a big cozy couch snuggled up lip to lip (and skin to skin) while the rain drizzles softly against the window, you kiss lazily to the song "Besame Mucho" (translation: "Kiss Me a Lot"). You're utterly relaxed. The world outside muffled. Catnaps in between dreamy soft kisses and sweet whispers. An almost Zen state of kiss."